A miraculous recovery

a miraculous recoveryI am Reeta aged 16 from Nagercoil a small town in India.I belong to a family in which myself, father, mother and brother all believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted him as our personal savior. We us a family involve more in his ministry and church activities. My brother and I are involved in a ministry named Christ’s Harvest Mission, an initiative of youths to spread the good news of Christ.

On 26th April 2010, while coming for a ministry work with my brother in my uncle’s bike, I met with a major accident, which made me unconscious and my uncle died on the spot. My brother who was in the spot with us could see blood oozing out from my head and called an ambulance. Yes, I had suffered a serious head injury. In hospital it was told to my mother that some part of my brain spilled out of the skull and there was only 10% of scope for my recovery. The scan showed broken pieces of skull pinning on my brain.

Prayer points were circulated to many people around the world and everybody started praying for me, asking for a miracle. After the open skull surgery, Doctor told that it will take at least 20 days to see any improvement in my health that too with some parts of the body malfunctioning. But within 8 hrs i started speaking, in 24 hrs recognized my mother and talked to her, in 4 days started eating solid food, in 6 days came out of Intensive Care Unit.

As the right side of the brain got affected they said that my left part of the body won’t work properly and i can’t walk. But i got discharged from the hospital in 24 days and i walked to the doctor’s room from hospital lobby for my next checkup. The doctor who got amazed by my miraculous recovery requested me to pray for his family problems.

My recovery is really an example for the protection and care God gives to His people. No matter whatever situation you are into, God will deliver you and help you share His love with others. Trust Him alone!

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