A new year’s prayer

Swiftly doth the time fly, and another New year lies ahead

Oh! My past year resolutions, should it be to this year instead?

Did I add any soul last year, or At least did mine stay fit,

Did I run the race with cheer, or did I incapably quit?


Yet again that time of year, to reflect the past and start anew;

And of the hard times tackled, self-interrogate “How could you?”

It never could have been the strength in me, nor from those around

T’was felt as unexplainable strength from a Loving wing surround!


Besides all those situations where I couldn’t manage to be me

And those failed times of being a living testimony,

Besides my promises for the past year failing completely apart

His promises from above, assured He’d never depart!


What makes it new is not the birth of a New Calendar Year

But the cleansing of sins that makes me renewed and pure;

With each time I open my stained heart to Him

Blessings and divine guidance overflows over the brim.


Gifted with Life to enter another year shouldn’t be a day’s joy-

For His blessings are new every morning and that I enjoy.

I totally surrender myself into Thy precious Hand

Grant me the strength to live the way you’ve planned;


Make me a blessing to those around, O Lord I pray,

And from this New year to feel renewed day after day.

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