A tiny pebble

Hey, are you thinking if your life is worth something? “What am i capable of? I am unable to accomplish anything noteworthy in this world. Am I a useful person on earth? How would i face my future challenges? How would i proceed further in my life?” Are these your questions today? I would like to tell a story which was very useful in my life when questions like this popped up in my mind. “Once there was a mountain in which resided a rock; the rock was seated mightily on the top of the mountain that it could see everything happening below. But no one noticed the rock or spoke about the rock while passing by.

The rock felt unworthy of itself until a strong wind blew one day. The wind was so strong that the rock started to move from the mountain and started to roll. While it was rolling, due to the immense force of the wind, the rock started to break into pieces and started shouting “PLEASE HELP ME”! But no one was there to help, it kept on rolling and rolling  till it broke down to be a tiny pebble and finally fell into a stream that was flowing beside the mountain.

Now the pebble which was once a rock felt that “Now that I am broken and have become so small, I will go more unnoticed and become one among the pebbles in this stream. My whole life is wasted”. As days went by there came a small boy to that stream one day and started to collect the pebbles. While he was collecting his hand picked this pebble and he put all that he collected in his bag. The pebble did not want to go anywhere but just to be let peaceful at least in the stream. At the same time it had its own doubts too: from mountain to stream and from stream to where??????

This little boy got ready the next morning and took the pebbles he had collected from the stream among which was the pebble which was once the rock. And as time pass by the pebble was witnessing a huge crowd around and this little boy standing against a giant human to fight. The Giant man had all weapons to kill the boy, but for the boy all that he had was only these pebbles. This little boy ran quickly towards the battle line to meet the giant Philistine, reaching into his bag took the pebble, he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead. The stone sank into the giant’s forehead and he fell down on the ground dead.”

The stone the boy used to kill the giant was the same pebble that was once a rock which was without use and which had to undergo lot of breaks to become a pebble standing worthy of having won the battle. – Proud and happy!

May be today you are thinking “I am not worthy, my appearance is not good, no one likes me and I feel unimportant.” Let me tell you my friend, I was thinking the same for many years until I started to pray, “Lord Jesus use me as an useful instrument in your vineyard that I will useful to many for what I have been created.” Later as days went by I did realize that people come to me and say, the other day your presence next to me made me feel that there is someone to support me in my life amidst despair,  your smile made me feel that I am worth something. Just a happy look was enough to strengthen someone. Friends, in all these I did not take any effort to make a change in someone’s life.  But if just being what I am could make a difference how much more God can use our lives that we consider unworthy?, Let us give our lives to the Lord and pray “Use me, make me worthy Lord, I am available to you”!

You may not know your worth. Forget not, you are an unique creation and no one can fill the purpose of what you have been created for. ONLY YOU CAN! You are fearfully and wonderfully made that you will be a blessing to many, you might not be able to estimate your worth now, but soon a time will come when you will know how many lives have been touched even without your knowledge.

Never think that you are unworthy, God will use you mightily in His appointed time, and sometimes it is just your presence that is needed to make a greater change in someone’s life. “It does not cost us much to give a smile. We don’t lose our riches to ask someone how they are.” The Bible says, in Isaiah 43:4, “Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honorable, and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee, and people for thy life.” Make yourself available for God and from today see how worthy you are.

Originally written by Christina Brighty

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