• be loved and be loving

    Be loved and be loving

    What else can be greater than receiving the greatest of gifts this new year? Love, the greatest of all gifts! (1 Corinthians 13:13). Jesus says, “Love the Lord your God… Love your neighbor as yourself. there is no commandment greater than these”. (Mark 12:30,31). Thus He summarized the whole of commandments with the most powerful yet unconventional tool named love. These two commands are often referred to as the vertical and horizontal components of love. Vertical – the relationship with God and horizontal – the relationship with fellow beings. Is love that important? By nature, we all seek to be …

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    The new year goal

    We might be standing in the dawn of a New Year with questions running all over our minds, whether this New Year will bring something good or will it be bad? Will it set the things right or will it make things worse? Am I walking in the right path or do I need a change? Well, flipping through the pages of yesteryears, we might find some pages filled with joy while some with sorrow; some pages of fullness in life while some others of emptiness; some with sense of achievement while some others with sense of rejection and we …

  • a miraculous recovery

    A miraculous recovery

    I am Reeta aged 16 from Nagercoil a small town in India.I belong to a family in which myself, father, mother and brother all believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted him as our personal savior. We us a family involve more in his ministry and church activities. My brother and I are involved in a ministry named Christ’s Harvest Mission, an initiative of youths to spread the good news of Christ. On 26th April 2010, while coming for a ministry work with my brother in my uncle’s bike, I met with a major accident, which made me unconscious …