Be a Blessing to Others

“From the time he put him in charge of his household and of all that he owned, the LORD blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph.” Genesis 39:5

Most of us would have experienced the beginning of a new academic year either for our own selves or for someone in the family. It usually revolves around a lot of preparation especially if it is the little ones at home starting the School after a summer break. Often it is a nice experience to start things afresh, looking forward to newer responsibilities, or taking up the older responsibilities after a break. On the other hand, sometimes life can get so stressful with unexpected turns and end  up in something way beyond our imagination and even a new start could be all the more stressful. The verse we are meditating upon for this month from Gen 39:5 highlights the consequence of Joseph leading a faithful life trusting in God. His life brings blessings in the lives of so many around him including those in authority over him. Whatever new challenges and new roles Joseph was given, his trust in the Lord never wavered. He was neither proud when given great responsibilities nor upset with God when put up in jail. He delighted in the laws of the Lord meditating upon them day and night and seeking God’s counsel. As a result whatever he did prospered (Refer Psalm 1:2,3). The Lord lifted him up and he found favour both in his responsible positions as well as in his prison life. My dear friends in Christ, let us take time to reflect if we are like Joseph while we are involved in different walks of our lives. Whatever be it, from the time we take the charge, how much do we realise that we are Christ’s ambassadors wherever we are? Be it in school, college, business, home or office, are we prepared to be like Joseph? Wherever we are rooted at this instance, is in the Sovereign plan of God. We may feel out of place, out of context, helpless or we may even feel it is better to go with the tide to avoid complications. But, let us reassure ourselves as we begin this month that we are God’s chosen representatives and therefore we have the responsibility to bring the Lord’s blessing on account of us to those associated with us. Our lives are not just meant to be a blessing for our own selves but to others. Do we have that confidence that the entire place where we are, is going to be blessed on account of our presence? Despite our hardships and humiliations or honours and authority, may we start being blessing diffusers?

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    Paul Jayakar

    Remembering that Joseph was in prison for no fault of his. How much more should our lives be a blessing to the organisation and to others whose lives we touch given that our circumstances are far better than that of Joseph