Being Present and Available to Others

  • 2 mins read

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” Romans 12:15

The unfathomable miracle of Christmas is the incarnation. God our creator became one with His creation; He became one of us! He rejoiced with the other guests at the wedding in Cana and He mourned with Mary and Martha at the death of their brother Lazarus. He had dinner at people’s houses and He made contact with the woman at the well who had been rejected by so many. He not only became like us, in flesh and blood, but He showed us what it means to be fully human; to identify completely with the people around us, to share with them and give ourselves to them, to thankfully receive what they give us, and to feel real compassion with them and to share in their joys and their sorrows. In the busyness of everyday life it can be hard sometimes to really be present. Sometimes we don’t seem to have time to react emotionally to what goes on around us and in the lives of the people we know. We leave a certain distance between us and reality because we really must be getting on with our studies or work or whatever else we have to do, and don’t have much time for distractions. When this happens, we must take some time to get back in touch with reality. Nothing is more important than being present and available to the people God has put in our lives. Take time to sit at Jesus’ feet and to realise His love for you. Let it sink in and fill your heart to the brim so that it can only spill over in love for your neighbour. And go, and share in your neighbours’ lives. Join them in their joys and sorrows. Let’s ask God to make us fully human just as Jesus became fully human.

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