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    The Heart of Christmas

    Christmas always comes as a refreshment to the heart. In Denmark where I come from, as in many other countries I’m sure, a lot of the culture is centered around Christmas and there are so many traditions that we look forward to doing every year. The calendar candle where we burn down one number each day until the 24th, the Advent wreath with the four candles, one for each Sunday of Advent, the Christmas calendars on TV, or the ones with a present to open or a chocolate to eat each day of December until the 24th. Then there’s the …

  • in everything give thanks

    In everything give thanks

    “Thanks” is one of those few words that parents teach their children from the time they begin to speak. Isn’t it very cute and sweet when a little child says “thanks” without being prompted when being gifted or offered something, bringing joy and pride to the parents when their child is considered well-mannered, polite and grateful by everyone around.  “Thanks” is an everyday word we use with numerous people, friends or strangers to acknowledge something we have received from them. But, most of the time we take our everyday blessings for granted and do not feel a need to give …

  • mom the essence being a woman

    Motherhood and Mankind

    My mom has asked me time and again why is it that mothers have to suffer so much? Why did God make mothers so emotional? Why is it that even after tolerating the pains of child birth, mothers still have to tolerate all sorts of pain and stabs all through their life? Why is it that mothers have to play the sacrificial lamb all the time and yet, they are not happy if they don’t? Moms ask questions and they are often bewildered. But they don’t complain. They don’t wish that we were never born (though they sometimes say so …

  • jesus is alive

    Jesus is alive

    Being threatened to death and having witnessed the persecution of her fellow workers, a missionary sent from Southern to Northern part of India was filled with fear and confusions. As she was crying to the Lord amidst the painful situations, she saw a dream: ‘Few women including her were seated around the corpse of Jesus, wailing and mourning over His death. Agony and bitterness choked their throats. All of a sudden this missionary saw few tall men rushing towards them with weapons in their hands to kill them. Fear engulfed, and her heart was filled with horror of what is …

  • a call to sacrifice

    A call to sacrifice

    Good Friday is a time to remember the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the sacrifice He made for us in the cross of Calvary to save us from our sins. Sacrifice is the foundation in which Christian faith stands and without sacrifice there is no meaning to our faith. Jesus Christ lived as that sacrifice and died as the same. It is for the first time, the cross became the symbol of glory, pain became worthy, suffering became meaningful and death became life. I honestly believe that this is also a time to remember the numerous martyrs, …

  • god of restoration

    God of restoration

    In the Bible, Job is the one who comes to our mind when we hear the word “Suffering”. The other word that keeps reminding of him is “Twice”. If we look at the life of this lovely man of God, it was full of struggle, pain and misery. But let us not forget his battle of Faith. All these things happened to a man whom God himself testifies as “A blameless and upright man” in Job 1:8. His Faith in God was thoroughly tested through the disease Satan brought on him and the losses he faced in his family and …

  • as the new year dawns

    As the new year dawns

    As the New Year dawns, we might be having several expectations within us. Some of us expect to have some changes in our lives. Some of us expect certain things to happen at least this year. Some of us expect a turning point in our lives. But, are we just trusting on ourselves to receive the things that we expect? Or are we willingly putting our trust in the One who created us? David says in Psalm 20:7, “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.”Does that mean David …

  • the christmas faith

    The Christmas faith

    A sudden presence of the Angel Gabriel is not something regular or normal for a young virgin of Nazareth. It’s an unusual happening with utmost importance. The angel came with a very important message from God to young Mary, that a child would be born of her womb and He would be called the, “Son of The Highest” and His name would be JESUS. The response from Mary to Gabriel was an instant question. She replied “How can this be, I have not known any man?” This is how the first Christmas message was received. It was received with a …

  • when god ran

    When God ran

    When Archimedes discovered the law of displacement, history says “HE RAN”. In ancient Greece when the city of Athens was about to be attacked, a brave soldier ran till his death to communicate the upcoming disaster. Likewise history has many incidents where people ran; not all who ran were remembered, but the runs that really mattered were etched into the timeless memory of life. But there was an amazing run that was almost forgotten by the human race; the greatest ever run became so insignificant in time. The running that happened for each and every person of this world became …

  • something seems to be missing

    Something seems to be missing

    We may attend church regularly and involve ourselves in all kinds of church activities, but is there something seems to be missing within us? Do we have a good relationship with God? Are we listening to his instructions? Do we feel his love? Or are we feeling empty? The fact is, in all these matters, our relationship with God is the key. A relationship is defined as “the state of being connected or related.” When we are connected with God, the Spirit of God alerts us when we hurt someone. Our hearts grief when He grieves. When we pray God …