Caught red-handed

Veiled with characters nothing but the good

Venomous act staged like noone ever would

Looked at with respect all around

Not a single flaw in the play to be found!


All of a sudden the conscience prick

Inner voice asks_Aint you intentionally staging a trick?

Whom do you cheat and what do you gain?

Don’t you know it leads to everlasting pain?


Don’t you remember what the Bible said?

Faith without actions is nothing but dead!

A voice says-A Godly life is all that I ask;

But my child you pretend under a Godly mask!


Filled with agony and doomed with fear,

To walk further,the voice of God to hear!

Pushing to make a bold step,to tear the mask,

And be self-satisfied in making a daring task.


Kneeling before the maker with tearful eyes;

Praying for protection from my tongue of lies.

Things seem smooth and then one day

The heart is crushed to see the world say-


“I knew this person was a fake from the start

Speaking about God with a pretentious heart”

People who were cheated utter apology to those who were not

For not having believed their warning thought!


A past sin sure doth follow after long years

To catch you red-handed,to stand with tears.

World knowing “Who am I” has a greater impact

Than my dear maker knowing this very fact!


Heart agitates when caught red-handed by the world

But it didn’t,while slipping from those HANDS having me curled.

Losing an image before a human matters a lot,

But did I hurt my Lord,is never a dominant thought.


What a pity, whom Do I fear?

Mortal men or my Lord who wants me so near??

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