Christian Response to Conflicts

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9

Last month, too many events happened around the world that got everyone thinking what’s really wrong with the world? Whether it’s the Palestine-Israeli conflict, Ukraine-Russia conflict, Iraq’s sunni-shia Muslims conflict, or the persecution of minorities in Nigeria and Syria, made everyone start questioning human will. The hate that was exhibited against one another was immense and it came to a point where peace and truce are like a distant dream. “What should be the response of Christians at this crucial time?”, a question that popped out of my mind instantly was this. The answer was even more instant, “Love” is the word that came to my mind in response. A Christian’s response should be nothing but love, not an ordinary love but an unconditional love. When the whole world fights for their justice and rights, a Christian being so vulnerable, should not think of defending his “self” or himself. Jesus foretold about these events in Matthew 24:6-7. But till He comes, this should be every Christian’s response, not a peace by war but by forgiveness and love which may cost us everything, even our own lives. When everyone in the world is fighting for place and space, we should remember that this world is not a permanent place for us. Right from the Old Testament, the Bible talks about love that forgives even our enemies and Jesus reiterated it in Matthew 5:44, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”. Love should be the response of every Christian and that’s where the strength of a Christian lies. For a Christian, love is not a feeling, but a definite choice that should be exercised even when it is difficult. Love is the only right we have in this world, a right to love. Nobody can deny us this right as it is given by God Himself through His Son Jesus Christ (John 3:16). It should start within us, our families and our community and reach the utmost parts of the world. When the world is trying to find its answers through war, we should be able to respond through forgiveness. The response may not be easy, but that’s the response God wants us to give. Every Christian should let this love of Christ shine forth towards the prevailing darkness and that’s the difference we all can make. It is the same response the early Apostles and Christians gave. They were tolerant even to the point of death, when the world around them was fighting for rights. They made themselves vulnerable in order to give love. Even when they were crushed from all sides, they grew up like anything, because God Himself was fighting for their justice. Through their sacrificial love, they brought many to the kingdom of God, and that is our strength. It is the same response we must have with us today to this world!

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