Everything seems to go wrong!

All my hope is lost, All my strength is gone. There is not even a person to understand the way I feel. There is noone to comfort me and to encourage. Have you ever felt like this?

Life has its own package and all of a sudden when we do not expect, everything starts to turn upside down. One after the other new disappointments and pain peep in. Despite the positive attitude and mental strength one might possess, problems keep on increasing to weaken the little Hope that still remains. We long to hear words of encouragement, we long for strengthening words and we long to be reassured that still there is hope. To our disappointment, like adding fuel to the fire of pain thats already burning, there is noone to do so.

Friends who are so close do not offer such a consolation and we feel they have no care for us. This may not be true always, but it may be due to the hesitation they possess in reminding us about the pain and their dilemma how to react. Many a time they are confused if their enquiring and speaking about the problem would make things better or aggravate the pain. But,as humans we also do possess some expectation and we would like them to be volunteeringly available for us reacting the way we want them to be, in a particular situation.Often this leads to disappointment in addition to the already exixting problems. Finally we are depressed that EVERYTHING has gone wrong,just for us-there is not a single soul to lean upon,during the time of agony and grief!

Dear friends this is not a feeling exclusively for you or for me,This is faced by almost everyone in this world.We start feeling so weak emotionally and bring upon frustrations over ourselves.We start to carry a burden always within our hearts not knowing the final result of the problem we face, it might be a situation of life & death. Recently I read a paragraph sent to me by a friend:

No,that trauma you faced was not easy

And GOD wept that it hurt you so

But it was allowed to shape your heart

So that into His likeness you may grow!

We run to so many people expecting for some consolation amidst our difficulties. We are over burdened and seek peace everywhere,but do we speak with GOD who is the source of peace? He has said already – Come to me and I will give you rest-all of you who work so hard beneath a heavy yoke.Wear my yoke for it fits you perfectlyand let me teach you;for I am gentle and humble,and you shall find rest for your soul;for I give you only light burdens.(Matthew 11:28-30) Christ has already assured you the rest that you long for and once you have committed your problems to GOD it is no longer your problem,It becomes GOD’S problem. Everything may seem to go wrong but Jesus is in full control of everything.

It is not very difficult to come out of frustrations. Just start speaking to Christ and try HIM instead of running with expectations of finding comfort and understanding from your friends. Just try HIM and find the difference. Now its not going to be my part to say what happens if you try HIM, I am not going to say what would happen to all your problems if you try HIM. Experience by yourselves,see the change and it is you who is going to share with us what happens when you TRY HIM!

Here below I write the words of a wonderful song and I am sure This would be your reaction on trying HIM:

Hallelujah anyhow

Never ever let your problems get you down

WHen life’s problem comes your way

Just lift your hands up high and say

Hallelujah anyhow!

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