Faith and Love

“Wherefore I say unto thee, her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much… and he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.” Luke 7:47-50

There are two virtues that play an important role in Christian life: love and faith. There is a difference in the understanding of the word Love by a Christian and a non-Christian. We utter the word love many times, but being a believer, we have to ponder whether we actually realise the true essence of love in our daily life. For those who are in Christ, faith plays a critical role and again we have to introspect if we really realise the implication of Faith. Because unimaginable miracles detonate out when there is a combination of Love and Faith in our lives. The verses mentioned above picture the event of a woman who had anointed the Lord Jesus Christ with the alabaster box of ointment when He visited a Pharisee’s house. Historical researchers say that the alabaster ointment is very expensive that the women of those days used to preserve for their marriage. But this woman offered it to Lord Jesus Christ by pouring and anointing His Head and Feet, which created various interrogations in the minds of people who were present at that place. This incident teaches us that we can never truly express love without giving or offering something. Yes, we tend to give if we really love as love itself by its divine nature, streamlines faith that does not question the result of such a noble act. Jesus says that she loved so much and her sins which were many are forgiven. Further, He also uttered to the woman that her faith had saved her. Another perspective is that the woman did not do this as her sacrifice, instead, she did it because of her faith and her overflowing love for her Lord. The act of her love and the flow of her faith in Jesus joined together to create this miracle. She never had even a tiny dot of doubt whether she would be forgiven. The moment she poured the precious ointment, she demonstrated her faith as she was filled with inexplicable love for the Saviour. What was more vindictive is tears that flowed down from her eyes that drenched the feet of Lord Jesus – the sign of receiving forgiveness and mercy. I believe that her tears were priceless in the eyes of Lord Jesus than the ointment of alabaster. Being filled with divine Love and acting in Faith are the need of the hour. Christian life is not what we think or what we know, instead, it is what we Live.

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