February 2016

Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?” John 20:15

We would have heard this verse in the Easter season. This question was asked in a critical and a chaotic situation of Christ’s disciples. Everyone seemed to have forgotten the words of faith spoken by their beloved Rabbi. The lady to whom the question was asked was filled with great sorrow and mourning. Indeed a great sorrow that their most Loved One faced such an enormous tribulation before His death. Their Hope was changed in to fear and confusion. I as a believer had forgotten and neglected the word of God and His eternal promises in my temptations. My Faith was upside down in such times. And I ask myself, “Am I the same who had loved my Lord?”, “Am I the one really deserving for His awesome promises?”,“Will I really endure temptation to get the promised Crown of Life?”, “Am I a believer?” Unlike other disciples, Mary Magdalene was very distinct. She had loved the Lord so much, which we can observe from the way she expressed her mourning. She went to the Tomb so early to see her Lord, while others feared and stayed away. No matter what the measure of her faith is, her love for the Lord endured and it surpassed her fears. (1 John 4:18). When I move away from the Lord to do what pleases me more, the first thing I lose is my peace that He had given. As the word says “A person’s own folly leads to their ruin, yet their heart rages against the Lord”.(Proverbs 19:3), I used to murmur in my mind. When I think deeper, as what might be the possible cause of this situation is the lack of true love for My Creator, the Lover of My soul. I know that I cannot love more than what he did to me but, He said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” The poor widow did not give more or never boasted about what she had given, but the Lord vindicated that she gave all that she had. In another occasion, such a kind of offering was also said of a woman who poured the rich perfume on the feet of the Lord which resembled total surrender through love. The Lord declared this in delight to the people around Him. I might have faith or hope, but it may change or fail at situations. But once I make a decision on the Deep Love of Jesus Christ to love Him fully, there is no possibility of failure. His love does not fail and so does the decision made on His unfailing love. His Deep Love is above all understandings and it can only be felt and realised. We address many things as love, but the Agape, He only can give. I come back to the verse, “Why are you weeping and whom are you searching for.” (John 20:15), The person who asked the question is the ultimate answer for the question. When He is there beside us, the reason for weeping and seeking becomes null. That is why he questioned Mary Magdalene as such. If really Christ Jesus is all we seek (Mathew 6:33), we have all we need (John 14:8). Nothing we desire can be compared with Him. (Proverbs 8:11) If we just realise His Deep love, we will love Him back with all our hearts and He will carry us through. May the Spirit of the Lord lead us to realise the Deep Love of Jesus.

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