Find Favour in God’s Sight

“Noah found favour in God’s eyes.” Genesis 6:8

Do you remember the first time you succeeded when taking the thread out through the eye of a needle? The first time when you cooked or made juice? The first time you won some competition? Each of these tiny things make us happy and feel proud of our efforts. But think how the Lord God who made the entire world would have felt. He gave the special privilege for the human race that He  created them in His own likeness. He would have felt happy on seeing the very first human beings created by Him and was in constant fellowship with them as a loving Father, counsellor, friend and what not. He was extremely satisfied and happy when He saw what He had created. But as sin entered the world, it started to grow beyond limits – to the extent of grieving the Lord. The Lord was filled with pain to see the human race, and regretted for having created them (Genesis 6:6). He decided to destroy all that He had made. What extremity of pain it should have been for God to take such a decision on His creations that He loved. Even in the midst of God’s wrath, there was one person Noah who found favour in God’s eyes. The verse we are meditating now is about the favour Noah received in God’s eyes. Noah has been described as a blameless and righteous person, and he happens to be the first person to have found favour in God’s eyes in the Bible. To live a blameless life with a set of laws framed in or with a whole lot of people with you together, might be easier. For Noah, it was a very tough task especially due to the norm of his days. When the entire world around him followed a custom, Noah also could have accepted it and followed because that is all he saw as the custom of the land. If we in today’s modern world are so bound by customs and do not feel wrong with following the customary practices despite being Christians, how much more would Noah have a binding relationship towards what the rest of the world did? But Noah made a choice, a choice to be himself beyond circumstances, a choice to be righteous and a choice to be blameless in the sight of God. As a result, God showed him favour, remembered him and saved him from destruction. God was mindful of Noah and his family just because he pleased God with the choices he made. As a result, God made his first covenant with Noah. My dear friends in Christ, if today the entire world compels you to follow a norm, a customary practice or a law of the land, how much percent of Noah are you? Will you find favour in God’s eyes for the choices you make? Whom do you want to please – the world around or the God who created the world? As we begin this month, May God help us to make careful choices and to remain blameless as Noah even if it is different from the rest of the world.

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