First Christmas

Christmas comes with shades of warmth

With baking of sweet smelling cakes

With Christmas trees with stars a’ hung

And all the joy it awakes


The cards show me pictures of

Lazy cherubs floating about

Snow capped houses and winter moods

When merrily children shout


Carols telling Christmas tale

Sung with jingling bells around

Cards and hugs and gifts are given

Greeting with a joyous sound


But look at the first Christmas

Christmas two millennia ago

It tells a different story

Without the Christmassy glow


I see a woman in pain

Deep fear fills her soul as she

Oh awaits to bring forth a child

Waiting in deep agony


I see a waiting father

Who could find no inn to stay

And all he gives his coming child

Is sheep and horses and hay


I see few sleepy shepherds

Staring dazed at a twinkling star

Wond’ring at what I happ’ning with

Wise men coming from afar


I see a furious king

Whose anger knows no measure

“The child must die, must die”, says he

“For my kingdom’s good pleasure”


And amidst such strife I watch

With a heart filled with deepest awe

Ah! God the Creator become

A baby upon the straw

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