Give God the Full Control

“My soul wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.” Psalm 62:5

It is hard to believe half of this year has already come to a close with the swift passing of time. We might have started this year expecting a lot of things or with some planning for the year. Looking back sometimes might make us feel that we are still at the starting point without markedly making any progress, if things didn’t turn out the way we have planned. This is what happened to me exactly when I got the news of my scientific project being rejected, and the news of all my efforts having turned into vain by the cancellation of the purchase order of an instrument I had to procure for my research after one whole year of persuasion. I felt broken and deeply upset at the sudden turnover of events which had happened contrary to my expectations, despite giving my heart and soul into whatever I had done. Then I realised that my expectations were set on worldly bodies rather than on Him. What if it is in the divine plan of God? Waiting for God alone to act, with an unwavering patience, is not a joke. On the contrary, the ultimate strength that a Christian can gain is by waiting on God alone and letting Him take full control of situations. This includes bearing delays with patience, failures with strength, mockery with silence, blames with endurance, humiliation with hope, embarrassment with cheerfulness – because He makes things beautiful in His time. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD, in Isaiah 55:8. We need to look towards God for the supply of our wants and needs, and set our expectations on Him which will never be in vain.  We need to remain undisturbed even in the most disturbing situations, casting our burdens on the Lord, for our expectation is from Him and not from the world. Dear Friends in Christ, may we preach to our own selves as the Psalmist does, to stay calm and give God the full control while doing the best in all the responsibilities and duties we are bestowed with, though it may not yield the fruits as we desire or expect? May we look into His bounty for supplying all the riches in glory that we may need? As we begin this month shall we commit our entire selves into His hands and place all our expectations on Him?

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    Thats true, 6 months have just like that run away ! I love the way David takes us thro various phases of our life thro his Psalms.

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    Evangeline Rajasekar

    I really praise God for u… very insightful… Can’t agree with you more on most of what’s said… beautiful… Waiting is tough… I guess waiting silently is tougher… God’s still working on me to get me there…