God values our time

As each year pass by, milestones are reached, goals are set, decisions are made, achievements are celebrated. In modern scale of calculating the performance of a company, the year is divided into four quarters and the performance is calculated in each quarter i.e after every 90 days in a year. The growth of the company is analyzed through that as the old system of doing it once a year doesn’t seem to be effective. It really shows how much the modern system values time. As they say “Time is money”, the competition is higher and so they know the value of time.

Moses says in psalm 90:12, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our wisdom”. He asks God to teach to number the days to apply wisdom. The illustration above is very much related to this verse. They number the days to apply wisdom in order to grow, in order to become better. In this verse he is trying to say that numbering the days equals applying wisdom. Interesting fact is that Moses was trained under the Egyptian school of learning, one of the best in the ancient world both in astronomy and measurement. He knows the fact that time can be calculated and it is through that calculation, time can be valued. And the most important thing to notice here is that he firmly believes God is the one who holds the time in His hands.

God values our time in this world where we measure time and season to understand our journey called life. Each and everything we do in the time domain is very important. Many times we spend our time without any purpose and years pass by without us doing anything towards the purpose for which we are called. This is a gentle reminder that God values our time, and He is concerned how we use our time. Recently, I learned that doing something without a purpose is also Idleness. How many days we would have spent being idle like that. Let us ask God for the direction in our day to day life in order to run our life with a purpose and not in idleness. Moses in this verse asks God to give him a sensitive heart to know the value of the time that he spends on this earth. That’s why he was able to achieve something for God.

Every New Year is a reminder that God values our time. Let us value our time so that we may apply wisdom to do something with purpose and not spend our time so foolishly and carelessly, so as to regret after sometime. Even Ants make the best use of its time God has given. Plan your time this New Year, schedule your days and ask God for the Goals in the coming year in order to know the difference between spending the days with purpose and just spending it. Value your time because God values it! Ecclesiastes 8:5 says “A wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment, because for every purpose there is time and judgment”.

Wishing You a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

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