His love broke my heart

I was born in a small town in India. My dad was a business-man and my mom was a home-maker. I have a younger brother. Life was good with the loving care of my family. Everything went well until the age of 11. On a tragic night, I lost my dad in a sudden heart attack and my life on Earth turned upside down.  I loved my dad so much that I couldn’t bear losing him. I had never imagined my future without him. I longed for his love and eventually started looking for ways to fill the void in my heart.

During my childhood, I used to take part in church services and Sunday schools regularly. I have listened to many messages and stories from the Bible during those days. But I didn’t apply those things in my life. I had no personal relationship with God. I thought I was doing well without Him. After losing my dad, I became even more religious and started taking part in many church activities. But I still had no connection with God. I started looking for ways to keep myself happy. I tried all means to gain worldly love but all my attempts were in vain. I chased the love of this world but found only disappointments.

One fine evening when I was 16 years old, I finally came to the decision that I could not go any further with that emptiness within me. I desperately needed “Someone” to fill the void in my heart. I wanted this “Someone” to love me unconditionally and bring total transformation in my life. I didn’t find this “Someone” myself. But He found me. Wonder who He is? He is the One Who created me; the One who gave Himself for me; the One who watches over me every single second.

He is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. He brought His sufferings on the cross to my remembrance. His love broke my heart. I realized that the love of this world is nothing compared to His unconditional love revealed on the cross. I understood that He alone gives true meaning and purpose for this life on Earth and that He is the only way to everlasting life in heaven. I realized my sinful condition and trusted Him for the forgiveness of my sins. He changed my life!

From the day I first believed in Him to this very day, He has never left me even though I have been unfaithful to Him many a time. I completed my engineering graduation and now work as a Software engineer in a telecommunication company. He still loves me as I am and safely leads me amidst all my trials and temptations. Though I fall many times, He lifts me up and helps me continue the race for Him.

At the age of 22, God gave me the passion to share His love with others through the internet. I started creating websites to share the Gospel and offer discipleship resources for Christians to grow in faith. Later all the websites were organized into an Internet ministry named as “World Wide Web Outreach”. My relationship with God brought purpose and meaning to my life. I recommend you also to begin a personal relationship with God.

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