July 2015

“Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these.” John 21:15

The life of Peter is one of the most inspirational Journeys recorded in the Bible. From an ordinary fisherman on the shores of Galilee to one of Christ’s most devoted Apostle, his journey is truly remarkable. Peter had no idea about what would happen to his life. He never thought that one day he would meet the Saviour of the world and his life would be changed forever. Luke beautifully records Peter’s encounter with the Lord. It was after the disappointment of not catching a single fish, Jesus asked him to try once again. And this time he tried for a different reason. He didn’t go out to fish this time with his huge experience or his capabilities in fishing. He saw something extraordinary happen and received the reward of obeying the word of the Lord by catching lots of fish. Then came the moment of truth, Peter realises his sinfulness in him and asks Jesus to go away from him. But for the son of God it was the moment of acceptance when we realise that we are sinners. He asks Peter to follow him so that he may catch people, and at once he left everything and followed Jesus. Peter was with Jesus throughout His ministry, he was there when Jesus performed all those miracles, he was there when He opened their eyes to see the truth through His teaching, he was there when He got transfigured, he was there when He entered Jerusalem on a donkey, he was there when He ate the last supper with them and yes he was there when He was arrested and crucified. All his faith came crumbling down when Jesus was taken away and he denied him three times as prophesied by Jesus. After he denied Jesus, he wept at his condition. It didn’t stop, He also was there when the body of Jesus was not to be found, and was there when Jesus entered the room to reveal himself after His resurrection. After experiencing all these miracles, all he could do is forget his call and gets back to fishing (John 21:3). John 21 talks about a similar meeting with Jesus as found in Luke 5, when he didn’t get any fish and again Jesus from the shore had to instruct him what to do (John 21:6). Peter remembered the voice and call of his Saviour, he jumped in to the sea and came to Jesus. It was then this question was asked by Jesus “Do you truly love me more than these”. May be our life has faced many twists and turns, and many ups and downs even after meeting Jesus and seen all his wonders just like peter. May be we are in a place where we don’t belong and doing something which is not something God has asked us to do as peter did. Let our hearts not be troubled. Jesus is waiting at the shore to remind us about the purpose and the call of our life. He asks us “Do you love me more than these?” He asked exactly three times to peter as he denied thrice, he asks us too again and again whether we love him more than anything in this world because it is through the Love for Him we can do something for Him. If we say yes then he will show us what to do as he commanded peter to “Take care of my sheep”. Do we love him more than these?

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