July 2017

“For Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit.” 1 Peter 3:10

A couple of years ago, a little kid was narrating about how a ferocious dog with whom she wanted to play with, attacked her and how the incident still brings shivers down her spine. Upon enquiring about this incident, her family members found out it never happened and hence thought she must be joking. Calling this little kid (who must have been around 5 years old then), I asked why have you spoken lies. Without any hesitation, she immediately replied, “I have not spoken lies, it is just my imagination”. Stunned by her presence of mind and her story narrating skills, I also wondered what would her future be, if she fails to see the difference between lies and imagination. Thankfully, her family has cautiously groomed her with values, while most of the parents these days take sides with the kids failing to warn their mistakes and often times the kids face unpleasant consequences as they grow up. The Bible records in Genesis 27, an incident of how a mother takes side with one of her sons and instead of nurturing him with values, encourages him to act deceitfully. Though a well-known portion of the Scripture, a lot of deeper insights can be obtained by meditating upon this portion. Jacob, the younger of the twins, being his mom’s favorite was encouraged by her to deceitfully seek his aged blind father’s blessings. She herself steps in to meticulously plan this drama which Jacob willingly obeys, cheats his brother Esau and his father Isaac and finally inherits the blessings. Jacob’s shifted focus by loving his mother’s voice more than his conscience and failing to realize he is planning against his brother and father made him act deceitfully. He even goes to the extent of using the Lord’s name in vain, when his father questions him how he could come so quickly. The verse we are meditating upon this morning warns us to keep away from evil and speaking deceit. This is one of the most important prerequisites to obtain God’s blessings which is an open call for all to receive. If this is the case, then what did Jacob have to lose? He has not kept his tongue from evil or speaking deceit, he has used the Lord’s name in vain and yet he receives the blessing. Many times we wonder if it is really worth the pain of being a committed follower of Christ while others who involve in various wrong ways seem to be more blessed than us. But, Jacob had to pay a price for his deceitful act. He never got to see his mother who loved him so much, ever again and also his relationship with his brother was broken. One can surely empathize that it is a huge price to pay. Moreover, his uncle Laban deceived him and this might have made him feel the pain of being cheated. My dear friends in Christ, as we begin this new month, let us not worry about people who flourish doing evil and regret our honest actions. Our Father in heaven knows our inner motives and thoughts and He shall reward us with His blessings in due time. May we make cautious efforts to keep our tongue from evil and speaking deceit even though it seems rewarding! May God guide us through our days.

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