Just for me

Weary through the toughest storm

No more strength to bear it all-

Engraved in the dear Lord’s palm!!

But where is HE when I fall?


Agonizing pain and tears are mine,

Why is it MY destined fate?

They said, I was made by God to shine!!

But is HE blind to my pitiful state?


I pray every day, asking for GRACE

For they said- Ask and you shall receive,

But each day I encounter dreadful ways!!

Are all the promises only to deceive?


I’m exhausted and completely broken,

It’s ridiculous to believe in God anymore –

who can’t even keep up that which He has spoken!!

But is HE the one who’ll take me to the shore?


Confused and frustrated, shattered and depressed,

Whether to give up my trust in Him or not-

Stand I with conflicting thoughts undressed,

Suddenly finding myself kneel beside my cot.


To have a small conversation before ending the bond

Between a justifiable me and the guilty God!

“Didn’t you love me Lord, now shall you respond!!”

To my own dear son, did I spare the rod?


I continued to shout asking Him to reply

”Do you know pain, suffering, death or tear?”

“Why don’t YOU respond even to a believer as I?”



A quite audible response for the first time in my life,

Well, I’m happy but wait-did you say I didn’t hear?

Didn’t I kneel before you asking for GRACE from strife?

When did you answer, my God, make Yourself clear!


I responded each time you prayed,

I wiped your every single tear-

Just for you, on my son’s shoulders laid

The heavy cross despite His trembling fear!


He asked me to remove this cup from Him,

But you asked me earnestly for the GRACE.

You didn’t hear my whispers in your worldy swim.

So I had no option than to show “HE PAYS!”


Tears rolled down through my heavy heart,

Did I think of giving up this gracious Lord?

With all that I have, I confess: How great thou art!

For my sake,on Your son, You haven’t spared the rod.


I thought I was right and You were guilty

Little did I realize within my self-imposed fence-

That the GRACE I asked for was on the Calvary tree,

The God’s Reward At Christ’s Expense!

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