Love came down at Christmas

Christmas is an expression of God’s love. LOVE came down at Christmas, not Santa, candies, cakes, or Christmas trees. 

We are called to reflect this love to the people whom we meet, whom we are surrounded with, and with whom we interact. 

We live in a time of crisis, and a time of loss – Some have lost their loved ones, some jobs, and some their savings. 

There is no mood to celebrate Christmas. But, when Jesus was born, there was no mood to celebrate either. 

King Herod in his insecurity had commissioned a major massacre of the male children under 2 years (Matthew 2:16), while the Prince of Peace was born.  The first Christmas thus was full of contrasts, confusions, and chaos!

While Mary was being blessed as the one chosen by God to bear the divine child, Joseph was questioning himself of Mary’s chastity and secretly planning on breaking their marriage.

While King Herod felt insecure about his throne and was threatened by the news of Jesus’ birth, The King of Kings, Jesus, was chosen to be born in a manger leaving His throne. 

While the angels announced “Peace on earth, and goodwill to men”, many houses were losing their peace and perhaps there was a strong hatred due to the loss of their babies.

Jesus was born in such a situation of doubts, hatred, grieving, and wailing. He was born as an expression of God’s love, to show a way of life that demonstrated love for enemies, love for heavenly things, and love for God. 

The purpose of the first Christmas was to elevate the moral standards, to experience unconditional love and to show forgiveness was possible. 

We are called to reflect this love, when we celebrate Christmas. If Christmas is a season to celebrate, it’s not just the Christmas goodies, and joys but also a time to open our eyes to those around who may need us. 

Though the global pandemic has affected the Christmas cheer, and the usual pompous celebrations or travelling, the greatest gift of God that we received on the first Christmas day is irreversible. 

The message of Christmas hope, love, and courage remains undiluted. Let us share Christ’s way of loving, this Christmas. 

“But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?” 1 John 3:17

If we cannot offer presents, let’s give people our presence! Let the Love that came down at Christmas dwell in all of us, and may every day be a reflection of this Love.

Merry Christmas!

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