Motherhood and Mankind

My mom has asked me time and again why is it that mothers have to suffer so much? Why did God make mothers so emotional? Why is it that even after tolerating the pains of child birth, mothers still have to tolerate all sorts of pain and stabs all through their life? Why is it that mothers have to play the sacrificial lamb all the time and yet, they are not happy if they don’t? Moms ask questions and they are often bewildered. But they don’t complain. They don’t wish that we were never born (though they sometimes say so in a fit of anger). They are hurt when our eyes fill with tears. They are more joyous than us in our achievements. Their hearts ache when we are ill and anxiety is written all over their face. They can go to any lengths to bring us up as the child of their dreams. Why??

Thinking about these, took me back to the Garden of Eden, when Adam sat naming the animals. God gave Adam the task to name the animals and whatever names he gave them, such their names were. God never questioned the names he gave. But God knew something was amiss. Adam had everything he needed and yes, he was in the company of a large number of animals too. But something was not good (Genesis 2:18). What exactly was missing? Adam had his Creator for company. He was in a beautiful garden with beautiful rivers and cute and friendly creatures over which he had dominion. And Adam’s only task was to tend the garden. So what was not good? If he wanted to take a stroll around the garden, the bullock or the horse could take him around. If he wanted a ride down the rivers hippopotamuses were there. If he wanted to till the soil, sure the beavers and other burrowing creatures could’ve helped him out. If he wanted to pluck fruits from the trees, the monkeys would’ve been overjoyed to do so. If he wanted someone to keep him entertained, there was no dearth of funny creatures. Then why did God “cause a deep sleep to come on him, took one of his ribs” and create a woman out of it? Why the pains to put him through an operation with divine anaesthesia? Why make a help meet for him? Wasn’t the whole of creation sufficient?

In all creation there was nothing that Adam could personally relate with. He knew Adam needed someone to complement him. He created the woman. And he called her Eve, because she was the MOTHER of all the living. And this is mentioned in Genesis 3:20, after the woman sinned and caused her husband to sin too, after they were cursed and thrown out of the garden, after she was cursed with labour pain and subjection to her husband. Just as God had said, the fruit of the forbidden tree had killed them spiritually. They were spiritually dead. Then why did Adam name her MOTHER of ALL the LIVING?

The Hebrew word for Eve is Chavvah; for mother its Aem. Chavvah in the literal sense means life-giver. Aem figuratively and literally means mother in a wide sense, primarily as the bond of the family. God had procreation in mind when He made the woman. He made woman so that through her human-kind would get established on the earth. But she was made to be more than a medium of reproduction. To man the woman is a source of comfort in emotional upheavals (Genesis 24:67). To her children she is a teacher to teach them the essence of living, set boundaries for them. She loves them yet disciplines them; nurtures and nourishes them; clothes them; foresees hard times and prepares accordingly (Proverbs 6:20, 29:15, 31:10-31). She comforts them (Isaiah 66:13). She is the glue that keeps the family together like branches connected to the vine (Ezekiel 19: 10). She prays for her children and care for them with strength bestowed upon her from the Lord like Hannah and Hagar. She treasures in heart everything that situations teach her while he serves her family (Luke 2:51). She has an open heart and an open home (Luke 4:39). She knows her children well and has a deep founded faith on their abilities (John 2:5). She stands by her children when they suffer though she knows there is not much she can do (John 19:25). She inspires her children just as much she aspires for them.

The Lord gave an example of what mother is in Matthew 23:27. I’ve seen with my own eyes how a mother hen protects her children. If her chicks are running around and someone tries to catch one of them, she jabs right at his or her hands and fights back till the person lets go of her baby. When a storm gathers or rains come pelting down, she spreads her wings wide and gathers her chicks under them and shields them from all impending danger. She keeps them warm and safe. This is what mothers do. They prefer to face the danger than allow their children to go through it.

God made the woman with a purpose and a call to nurture, irrespective of whether she has children of her own or not. Motherhood is the essence of womanhood. He never said life was going to be easy for them. No, rather the Bible is replete with examples showcasing the hardships of a mother, what she goes through and how she loves selflessly despite mockery from the world. The woman was not supposed to be a clone or photocopy of man but someone who complemented him. God made men strong, capable of tending the garden but He made the woman sensitive to the needs and emotions of every created thing. While the man laboured and sweated out in the fields, she nurtured the children they have had together. Can u imagine a world without moms? God has blessed her with an enormous capacity to love though it may be tough. He has given her the insight into how to mould her children. God has made her to be a cushion to comfort her child every time he falls and hurts himself. God gave her the strength to bear the brunt of hardships with a firm heart so that her children are shielded from agony. He has given her an instinct and a heart to nurture. Nurturing is essential to everyone’s well being. Without the gentle, nurturing touch of the woman, the society will degenerate. As feminism with its clarion call for independence and pro-choice manifesto is on the rise, it is not hard to find evidence for a decomposing humanity as women with motherly attributes are dwindling. Indeed she helps us truly live. Indeed she is man’s missing rib without which he is incomplete.

“Every mother is special and chosen and let every mother understand that.” Happy Mother’s Day!

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