Rest in God

In the mid seventeenth century the European and other wealthy nations in the world were going through a period of fast transformation in their social and economic status. A transition was taking place in their approach towards development. It was the time when numerous discoveries and inventions sprouting out every single day to make the effort of man lesser and the status of the wealthy a notch higher. Though it looked so promising in the beginning, it was becoming worse day by day. Machines were swiftly replacing the manual work. Men were expected to match those machines with their work. Many industries were formed to produce goods at a pace like never before, subsequently calling this change as the Industrial revolution.

Money was becoming valuable to an extent that, everything started getting valued in terms of money. Human beings were looked at as machines for the first time. The upper class were living a luxurious life, reaping the benefits of the hard working labor class. New philosophies and social theories originated. Economics as a study took a different direction, and overall there was huge burden, unrest and injustice on the working class which became too heavy to bear which led to a worldwide movement in order to get rest and justice to the weary workers who were treated as machines themselves with too much of work load and very little wages. The movement started with a demand of “Eight hours of work, Eight hours of recreation and Eight hours of rest”, because till then they were working for sixteen to Eighteen hours and finally after years of struggle their demand was accepted in many countries. They commemorated this victory as Labors day.

Numerous changes took place in the social world, post Industrial revolution and the labor right movement. Education too took a different stride. Students who were reading poetries started giving importance to study about machines. Centuries have passed; the movement got its due as we see Human Resource is handled by a trained professional nowadays and the laborers were looked after well. But slowly yet significantly, we have moved from physical stress to mental stress with the kind of work we do. We don’t have time to look after our families, share our love with fellow beings and we forgot to find the right balance. Success is measured on your wealth, position and your strength is measured on how you cope up with the pressures. It is causing stress to people and affecting their personal lives too.

Every one of us needs rest no matter whether we go through physical or mental stress. In this busy world where we are too busy to look after even ourselves it’s important for us to find our space with God, the source of our rest. Jesus says in Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. The rest that we are looking for lies with Him. The changes that I mentioned above never evaded the script of God. But amidst these hard changes of the ever transforming and stressful world, He is our only rest.

It’s a high time that we look to God our maker and find that balance in our lives, because in these times when humans are looked at as computers and commodities, if there is one person who can see your heart just the way it is, it’s Him as He is the one who created you in His likeness. Leave all your stress at the feet of Jesus and trust Him completely. He will bless your work and give you the much needed rest, wisdom, strength and the right balance between your work life and other duties in this ever competitive world. Above all, He will give you eternal life in heaven. As we salute the working class heroes of our society, let us remember this truth that “God is our only rest”. Wish you all a happy labor day!

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