Someone hears my cry

Joy unspeakable and peace divine,

When I knew HIS love was mine;

Feeling blessed to be a gifted child,

To hear His loving words mild-


After much tears of feeling unloved

After many years HIS blessings bestowed-

Words can’t express this crave for love,

That was satisfied by the wings of the dove.


Yes,the very same dove that the Father sent-

expressing He was pleased with His son innocent;

Seeing my tears and heart’s desire:this white dove-

Was none other than the messenger from above,


He is the third person in the Trinity

With the Father and the Son working in unity,

He is called the Holy spirit,the comforter-

Whom Jesus provided to be my Helper,


To walk beside and ease my life’s ways

To realise and satisfy my lonely days.

He cant be seen but only felt

Cant be explained unless knelt.


He comforts,soothes and bears my pain;

Rescues from the grips of life’s stain.

My feeling “noone hears me” is proved wrong,

Today,when I’m assured of His love strong.


I am happy for having found my way,

Which was given to me from the very first day,

For long it was unnoticed for reasons unknown,

But He heard me cry and leads me to the throne.

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