Something seems to be missing

We may attend church regularly and involve ourselves in all kinds of church activities, but is there something seems to be missing within us? Do we have a good relationship with God? Are we listening to his instructions? Do we feel his love? Or are we feeling empty? The fact is, in all these matters, our relationship with God is the key.

A relationship is defined as “the state of being connected or related.” When we are connected with God, the Spirit of God alerts us when we hurt someone. Our hearts grief when He grieves. When we pray God for forgiveness, our heart will be filled with the desire to apologize to the person we have hurt.

Often we find ourselves in situations we don’t know how to handle, but God is ready to lead us and guide us by His Holy Spirit. He is ever-present with us. But we need to acknowledge His presence in our lives. God wants us to know Him more intimately. Intimacy with God pours His anointing on us and helps us to accomplish the tasks He has for us.

The desires of our heart and the way we treat others reveals how closely we are connected with God. When we start spending time with God, our nature changes, we will be easier to get along with, we will learn to control our emotions, and we will understand the likes and dislikes of God. The more time we spend with God, the more we will become like Him.

Lets Start sitting in the presence of God. Even if we don’t feel like we are learning anything new, we will feel His presence and begin to see changes in our lives. God is ever available and so we may think that we can spend time with Him later. But if we spend more time with God already now, we will be better equipped to face approaching difficulties with wisdom.

We may say that we don’t have time to seek God but on things that seem more important to us. But spending time with Him is actually the most important thing in our lives, and we should learn to prioritize it highly. Lets learn to give up our time to experience intimacy with God.

Our life is a reflection of the time we spend with God. If we learn to keep our appointments with God more than the other high-priority appointments in our lives, we will grow spiritually. Our seeking must be sincere and we must be prepared to let God shape us and mold us; then God will move and renew a right spirit within us. Our emptiness will be filled with His Spirit.

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