Real Hope in New Year

Everyone of us look forward to this new year with a lot of expectations. We expect that our past hurts, pains, and sufferings wouldn't continue in this new year. We wish our new year to be healthy and prosperous one for ourselves and our dear ones.  But have you ever…

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The Christmas Blessing

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The world becomes busy as the Christmas season approaches. Many friends of mine from different walks of life are also excited about this time of the year. Even though they don’t celebrate Christmas, they feel this time of the year creates so much positivity with lights and songs everywhere. Some…

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God will make a Way

A New Year has just started. All our usual celebrations, well wishing and sharing of happiness happens. Meeting friends, relatives and having fun are integral part of the New Year celebrations. Some even go for an outing to have a change of ambience. Though everything seems to be alright, a…

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What is Christmas?

Every year around December many people from all over the world celebrate Christmas… They light up their homes with stars, decorate a Christmas tree, go around singing late into the night, bake cakes, give and receive gifts and the list goes on. A fat man in red and white attire…

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Hope Beyond Death

The greatest fear that is prevalent in all lives on earth is Death. People don’t even want to take that name and many don’t attend a funeral in fear of that. Even if we turn a blind eye or run from it, the truth remains the same that all lives…

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The King’s Cross

A king, as a ruler reserves authority under his dominion. He has his own ministerial hierarchy that portrays his majesty. Ultimately, he has an army that openly proves his grandeur. Many historical pieces of evidence and epical references illustrate a king’s disposition. The scripture tells us about the Nazarene who…

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The time of our lives

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I remember my father used to tell me often these words “This is not the time”, or “wait for the right time”. This response is not something I could understand as a child. I always wanted to ride the bike when I was small, but my Dad never gave me.…

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The ultimate secret

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The whole Bible revolves around the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus submitted Himself to God's plan of redemption of mankind. It is pertinent to mention that every human has to acknowledge the existence of the biggest problem called Sin, which no one is immune to. This Sin…

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The Relationship

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When Jesus died on the cross, it was not just a death of an individual but the death of every sin. It is not just symbolical but real. Jesus completely took human sin on Himself and gave Himself as the ransom for the sins of the world. Romans 6:10 says,…

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Beyond time

Everything in this world revolves around time. We attribute everything that happens around us to time. Time is what defines our day to day activities be it work, sleep or play. Time keeps us organised and it’s very difficult for us to think beyond the physical dimension called time. But…

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The miracle of all miracles

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Wonder what Christmas is! It might not be complete without the beautiful Christmas trees, crib set with candles, carefully wrapped gifts sneaked in freshly baked cakes and the carols. Children gladly await this season to go for shopping and have lavish family dinner with roasted turkey. Is it not a…

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Where are you searching?

The other day my mom was searching for a document, and my dad was watching her as she went surfing about. After sometime he quipped to my mom, are you searching at the right place? In life it is very important where we search for things. What would happen if…

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Darkness to Light

One of the greatest gifts to the human being is light be it a natural light or an invented light. Light has this powerful nature to expose the darkness and to expose the hidden things. It gives clarity for us to function, as man cannot effectively function in darkness. Just…

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Christmas for all

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Do you remember, when was the last time ’A news’ had brought great joy to ALL mankind? Was it when Germany won the football world cup in 2014? No, people in Argentina would tell you how much they were hurt of the loss. How about the time when Neil Armstrong…

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Thanks be to God

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Victor Frankl is an Austrian psychiatrist, a holocaust survivor and a well known Neurologist. But because of his Jewish identity he had to become a slave sentenced for death. He writes in his book “Man’s search for meaning” about the persecution in the concentration camps under Hitler’s Nazi regime, the…

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Learn from me

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Teaching induces learning or learning gives way for teaching, there can be endless arguments whether it is the heart to learn opens the space for teaching, or the overpowering presence of knowledge around through the outlet of teaching inspire and creates the space for learning. The curiosity in an human…

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The Immortals

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I misplaced a key one day somewhere, the key that I used to toss in the air, the key that I used to spin along in my fingers was found missing, I was searching for many hours as if the purpose of my whole life was about the key. Nothing…

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The wounded Saviour

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The message was very clear to Joseph, whose mind was filled with confusion and dilemma. Mary, the virgin whom he was betrothed to was already conceived. He knew it was not him who was responsible. So he decided to put her away silently. It was then the most important message…

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Year of new beginnings

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My Guitar was making strange sounds and I tried to tune it properly. No matter how I fine tune it, it sounded the same. When I started to play, one of the strings broke. It was then I realized that the guitar needed new strings. It cannot make proper sound…

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Few weeks ago, I was sitting in front of a 10 year old girl who recently had an issue and I had to counsel her. It’s one of the most difficult sessions I had and I was nervous about it. I work in an organization where we have uncared and…

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Jesus is all we need

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The importance of a Savior in Jesus Christ has been argued ever since his life on this earth. He is believed by millions as the Savior of the world. But the question is, do we actually need a Savior? Many believe that the world can very much function well without…

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Worked hard all Year?

What if you had worked hard all year on your own and still couldn't achieve the thing you wanted? You might feel exhausted or even on the verge of giving it up completely. Every one of us wants to do achieve something great every year either in our personal or…

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The Christmas Communication

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As Christmas beckons, it’s not only the time to celebrate the incident of God becoming Man through the person of Jesus Christ, but also the Good news or the information communicated through Him. Information technology and telecommunication are the fields of action in today’s world. Communication has reached a distinct…

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The precious gift

I found something interesting in the humour column in a leading newspaper written by a person who was high up in the corporate hierarchy during last Diwali. Diwali is an Indian festival, celebrated in richness and grandeur throughout the nation. While he was in the field, he used to get…

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Father’s love

It was the summer of 1992; Barcelona was hosting the Olympics capturing the imagination of millions. The 400 Meters individual event was underway. British athlete Derek Anthony Redmond, one of the medal winning prospects was ready to take off with the race, but the race was not the same for…

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Rest in God

In the mid seventeenth century the European and other wealthy nations in the world were going through a period of fast transformation in their social and economic status. A transition was taking place in their approach towards development. It was the time when numerous discoveries and inventions sprouting out every…

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Find yourself

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Michael Jackson wrote a beautiful song called “Heal the world”. The song reached people all around the Globe spreading a sense of realization to care for each other as humans. It is one of the best songs of all time. Looking at the life of this great talent, a legend…

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The resurrection of life

We all live in this World for a certain period of time; some live for twenty years, some forty, sixty or eighty but one common thing that man cannot escape is death. They say death is the greatest equalizer (i.e.) it doesn’t matter who you are whether rich, poor, learned…

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He endured the pain

We are living in an age when crimes are on the rise with each new day; wars between nations are very common; murders and thefts are regular events; fundamental rights are denied; corruptions has become common at all levels of the society. All these raise a question in human mind,…

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An addiction free life

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India was announced an Independent nation from the British rule on August 15, 1947. Since then we in India celebrate our Independence Day every year, remembering the fact that we are not under the British rule anymore and not controlled by anyone externally to dictate our lives. Humans basically don’t…

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The truth

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Every time you come across the image of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross, you actually wonder how this event that occurred almost two thousand years ago can still fill the void in human hearts, to bring hope and new life to those who believe in it. What makes this…

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Year of Hope

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No other year, I assume, would have created such expectation and anticipation as 2012. Though the year will be greeted with joy, happiness and celebration, one cannot deny the fear this year has created because of all the predictions, calculations, theories and depictions. It is portrayed by many as the…

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The story of Christmas

Come December, and a festive ambience is in the air. Star decked pine trees, plum cakes, cards, gifts, carols reverberating from tall spired cathedral, end of season discounts, brightly and cheerfully decorated shops: all these echo with colourful resonance “IT’S CHRISTMAS”!! But how many know what the real Christmas story…

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A faithful friend

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During my high school days I used to travel every day by bicycle since the school was approximately 6km from my home. It’s fun cycling around, but not all the time; sometimes it’s tiresome and exhausting. I had a lovely friend who was two rounds stouter than me and used…

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The everlasting love

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In physical sciences and mathematics, we sometimes come across a phenomenon called a Constant. Constants do not change in their value but remain the same in any mathematical expression, even if numerous changes occur around them. In short, a Constant is defined in itself. A friend of mine visited me…

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The divine light

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A month back, an incident that took place in India shocked the media and the authorities. It’s the death of a 13 year old, inside the residential quarters of the Indian army. The boy was found to be the son of a local resident of the nearby slum and the…

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A tiny pebble

Hey, are you thinking if your life is worth something? “What am i capable of? I am unable to accomplish anything noteworthy in this world. Am I a useful person on earth? How would i face my future challenges? How would i proceed further in my life?” Are these your…

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The peace beyond us

We are living in times when people are searching for answers for some of the tough questions they come across, with a cloud of fear gripping their minds and a sense of worry tormenting their broken hearts. The motivational speeches of great diplomats they once lauded and sought doesn't fancy…

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The God who heals

Focusing on the goal of living gets hard when our dear ones or we are ill. Oftentimes we encounter little children being attacked with deadly sicknesses. Some are born with illness. Some by birth are physically or mentally challenged. For some others, illness comes all of a sudden in the…

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He is risen

Is not death the end of human life? Of course, death is the end of our lives here on earth. Though death is the end of life, it is not our destiny. Wonder how? Jesus says in John 11:25, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in…

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The perfect sacrifice

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Yesterday as I was reading the newspaper, a particular headline caught my attention; it read “Girl’s death saves five lives”, the article said that the parents of the girl donated her organs soon after her death to five other people who needed it and saved their lives, amazing isn’t it?…

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You are not alone

With a rise in today’s mechanical lifestyle, there are a lot of changes that we attribute to Modernism. Spending a lot of time on social sites posting status messages, expecting conversations and partying or chatting with the “not-so-close” circle of friends has become a part of everyday life. Taking a…

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The feeling of guilt

Is there something that haunts you from within despite the best possible efforts you make? Are you now in a state of hating yourself for what you have done? In spite of hiding your mistakes from your parents, friends and others, have you lost your peace? Is the feeling of…

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Dwelling place

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In September 15 2008, two of the top banks in the world became bankrupt which led to a great economic disaster the world has ever seen, US market considered the strongest, came crashing down in a matter minutes. Millionaires became ordinary men and there was sense of hopelessness among people,…

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Christmas brings hope

Cakes and Candles, Snow and Songs, Carols and Joys, Laughter and Love, loads of gifts…. Christmas mean much more than these. It’s the day on which the One who was seated gloriously in heaven came humbly down to earth. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Almighty God forsook…

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Why am I lost?

While I was in college, in one of the class, my Tamil professor Dr.D.Arul Padmarajan was sharing his experience about going to a prison. He had written a song expressing the emotions of a prisoner. I was moved by the words of that song. The words of the song go…

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Take the chance!

It was one of the darkest days in the history of mankind. The son of God was hanging mid-air experiencing the cruelest of all roman punishments, CRUCIFIXION on the cross, that too like a common criminal in between two thieves!!! It would be the most paradoxical moment in literary terms,…

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No one helps me

"No one helps me", the cry of many in this world. Many times in our lives, we feel that we are helpless. When we are surrounded by problems; when no one tries to understand our problems, we look for some one to help us. Unlike us, King David clearly knows…

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God’s Compassion

God had compassion on the perishing souls of nineveh and called Jonah to preach His word to them. "Arise, go to nineveh, that great city, and cry out against it; for their wickedness has come up before Me" Jonah 1:2. Even after knowing God personally, Jonah disobeyed His word and…

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Feel of Emptiness

"There was a feel of emptiness after i won gold", said India's lone individual gold medalist Abhinav Bindra after winning the gold medal in 10m air rifle. Bindra is expected to do nothing more than this! He made himself and his family proud! He brought laurels to his country! Still…

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The Good News

The Bible says in Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." It pleased God to create men in His likeness. Genesis 1:27 says, "God created man in His own image." Man walked according to His own desire and moved away from God. Romans 3:23 says,…

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