Take the chance!

It was one of the darkest days in the history of mankind. The son of God was hanging mid-air experiencing the cruelest of all roman punishments, CRUCIFIXION on the cross, that too like a common criminal in between two thieves!!! It would be the most paradoxical moment in literary terms, when the creator was tortured by the creation itself, as the Roman soldiers did all they can do to humiliate HIM.

The blood was running down HIS face from the pressure created by the crown of thorns, Legs and hands stitched with the wood making it difficult to breathe, but it was not difficult for HIM to forgive those who did it!!!! HE knew this will happen, that HE would be slaughtered like a lamb in the most demeaning way one could only imagine, But as a candle that sacrifices itself to give light, the glory of the son of god was unseeingly manifested amidst the shame.

Looking at these scenes that unfolded in front of him, one head turned towards the king of kings”, Yes one of the two thieves took the chance to look at the savior of the world, May be this would have been the best decision he made in his entire life. He couldn’t turn his head back as he saw a light, a way through his darkest life filled with filthiness, with heart pounding for repentance, he asked JESUS “Remember me in your kingdom”.

A request too small asked to a GOD who doesn’t remember our sin’s no more when we repent, even if it’s done only a second back!!!!, HIS reply was instant “ Today you will be with me in paradise” the thief wouldn’t have expected such an act of forgiveness, But that’s how salvation is meant to be!!!

The amazing thing about salvation through JESUS CHRIST is it doesn’t see who we are. It’s not one of his disciples, not even one of his thousand followers, not one among the Pharisees and the Sadducees. But a criminal, a thief, an outcast who first received HIS salvation and entered the kingdom of God!!!

Unlike the thief on the other side, this repented thief took the chance offered to him. Are you ready to accept this JESUS as the lord of your life?? Who died for you and me in that dreadful cross of Calvary, He doesn’t come with empty hands to you, But with the hands that got pierced with nails for you and me.

No matter how bad your life is, HE is worthy to cleanse, forgive and accept you just as you are, only thing you have to do is repent, confess and ask HIS forgiveness. HE will take care of the rest.

A wise man once said “Your future doesn’t depend  on your past, It depends on the CROSS” as HE is the only way to heaven. “As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us”. Ref: Luke 23:39-43.


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