The birth

The birth of Grace in utmost disgrace

In this world, as Son of a virgin’s womb

What shame He might have had to face

With all those tales people around assume!

He knew the suffering of being such child

And that of a mother with undeserving guilt;

Panic not, if thy ways seem wild

For His life too was on such shame built!


The birth of a King in lowly cattle shed

Of some strange land with no help around;

What humble place to lay the King’s head

Where His cry with harmonious bleats surround.

He knew from birth a poor man’s plight

And uncertainties of getting the basic needs,

So despite thy lack thou shalt delight

For even the sparrows, with care, He feeds!


The birth of a Saviour followed by a deadly trap

Of Herod the King who’s insecure about his crown;

Through God’s leading, the babe to safety wrapped

Escaping the murderer, fleeing to another town!

When faceth thou the enemies’ deceitful plans

And knoweth not ways to rise over it again;

Remember the trio who to God’s tune did dance,

In such care of God, forever shalt thou remain.


The birth of great God in human flesh

Empathizing with every path we walk;

The joyous Yule tide – does it refresh

Of all that He’s done to feed His flock?

Is there “Christ” in the celebrated Christmas,

Or has it been replaced with Santa Claus,

Are we sharing the Gospel with quickness,

And the glorious meaning, the first Christmas was?

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