The Cross is Our Weapon

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God”. 1 Corinthians 1:18

The cross gets a lot of significance and importance during the Lent season as we meditate upon the sufferings of Christ, and the words He spoke on the cross. Some of us would have even taken the cross made of palmleaves and walked around in procession on the palmSunday singing Hosanna. Did all these communicate the message of the cross to us? This palmSunday my father pointed me towards a small boy who was playing with the palm cross as a Sword. He was pretending to be fighting with it. In another corner, was a little girl who held the cross like a gun. These kids were playing in ignorance yet God used them as instruments to communicate a deeper meaning. These scenes that I saw made me reflect on a lot of things and reminded me “Oh Yes, cross and the message of the cross is indeed my weapon”. These kids were right in using the cross as a Sword and a gun to fight out.

That day the cross stood as a mark of humiliation of Jesus, the crucifixion as a mark of painful endurance of Jesus and the message on the cross as a mark of eternal salvation through Jesus so that today the message of the cross becomes the power of God to us. The strongest weapon one can ever have is the Power of God. But contrary to the usual strong weapons, this is so unique that it is neither filled with hatred nor  has intention to kill others but to save. This weapon is filled with divine care, sacrifice and love. This weapon, though strong, teaches us to be humble, to be patient, to suffer, and to endure. This weapon is given to us to overcome temptations, to resist evil and to trample Satan.

My dear Friends in Christ, as we meditate upon this verse this month, let us reflect the roles we need to play as those who have received the power of God. Paul beautifully describes that we ought to use the weapons of righteousness in the right hand to attack and in the left hand to defend (Refer 1 Corinthians 6:7). We cannot ignore the love of God, and the saving message of the cross. We are responsible to be true ministers of God with the power we have received from Him to those mentioned in the first part of this verse – Those who are perishing. Therefore, as we believe that the mightiest weapon we have is the Message of the cross – The power of the Risen Lord, 1)We need to use the weapon to root out all the evil desires that proceeds from our own hearts and to defend ourselves from the forthcoming temptations.2) We need to use the weapon against those sources that cause others to stumble and lead them towards destruction. 3)We need to use the weapon everyday so that we do not perish in the enemies’ hands.

May God strengthen our prayer lives and our burden to live for Him. May we become His warriors in rescuing those perishing souls with His power, the mightiest weapon we possess.


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    Paul Jayakar

    Thanks Prati for reminding us about wearing GOD's armour. The truth comes out of the mouth of babes!!!