The King’s Cross

A king, as a ruler reserves authority under his dominion. He has his own ministerial hierarchy that portrays his majesty. Ultimately, he has an army that openly proves his grandeur. Many historical pieces of evidence and epical references illustrate a king’s disposition.

The scripture tells us about the Nazarene who distinctly stood out of all traces of earthly kingships. The history had recorded his existence and even about his execution. We know, Jesus was taken to Pilate, allegedly for stating Himself as the Son of God. Such a declaration of equalizing oneself to the status of God was one of the deadliest crimes listed in their traditional law. But they failed to realize the Word of God about a Savior sent from God, will suffer in the place of mankind to set them free from all evils, ailments and the final punishment (Isaiah 53:5).

Pilate asked whether Jesus was a King of Jews. Jesus replied, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here” (John 18:36). If you analyze the scripture, you can comprehend that the answers of Jesus are complete and a clearly stated.

Can you again please read his statement slowly word by word? Look, he says that His kingdom is not of this world, the world we live in now. But His kingdom is in Heaven – the Kingdom of God. As we imagine heaven might not be a small beautiful place, but a very big and a glorious place to be in. You will know this reading through various scriptures of the Bible (John 14:2). This King of heaven! A King of the different realm! Why should he come here?

The Bible says that he came down from the heaven to accomplish the divine purpose. The purpose of His birth is to die. The statement seems paradoxical but, this King came to die so that whoever believes in Him shall have an eternal blissful life with Him (John 3:16 & 5:24). This eternal life with Him cannot be compared with the joy of any kind in this world. As you know, a king will always see that his vows are accomplished. This eternal king’s promise can never fail (Numbers 23:19) (Isaiah 55:10, 11). No matter who believes in Him, and accepts Him, they will have the eternal life as He promised.

King Jesus Christ offers a truly privileged citizenship of His kingdom for His loved ones. Having that understanding, even if we are in this world with different fortunes or failures, give us a relief and a hope of a glorious life ahead. He once said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21) My dearly beloved, the time has come to search our heart and examine where it is focused on. Eventually what we value is what we treasure. Is that not correct? Every one of us needs that self-audit time to time, to realize where our heart is.

This King has a longing to hear from you. Unlike earthly kings or administrators, he is not far away from our vicinity. Really not far away! He is tangibly close, just a prayer away from us. No words needed. Just a contrite heart is enough to speak with Him (Isaiah 57:15). The love of this King pressed forward to submit Himself to a brutal torture for YOU! This King wants to reveal Himself to us! (Rev 3:20). If you accept His love and really want to have an encounter with Him, please open your heart to Him. Even now you can truly call Him like a desperate child needing his mother’s comfort. He will be present there for you.

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