The miracle of all miracles

Wonder what Christmas is! It might not be complete without the beautiful Christmas trees, crib set with candles, carefully wrapped gifts sneaked in freshly baked cakes and the carols. Children gladly await this season to go for shopping and have lavish family dinner with roasted turkey. Is it not a great thing to sip a hot cup of cocoa in the freezing winter and eagerly wait for Christmas?

But is there not something more to Christmas? What could be the reason that a birth is celebrated in such a great way? Why is it always Christmas reasoned with the ‘Birth of a Saviour’? And what can He save one from?

Yes!! It is the greatest of all the MIRACLES that mankind celebrates in History. The birth of Jesus Christ, the Good News, is more than a fairy’s wish; a wonder lamp with genie and definitely much more than a dream that we wait to come true.

The Bible records the most powerful and dramatic truth of Jesus Christ in a very humble way. A prophet named Isaiah who lived six centuries before the birth of Jesus recorded, “a virgin will conceive and give birth to a son”. A virgin giving birth? Yes, Jesus was born while Mary was yet a virgin. For God chose to be born without the sin we inherit through our parental genes.

Let us see how the universe reacted to His birth! Wise men from the East noticed the appearance of a new star in the sky indicating the birth of a King and it led them to Bethlehem. They went to the palace to inquire if a new king was born. When scholars were expecting Jesus’ birth in a palace, God chose a humble place for the birth of Jesus. Mary gave birth to Him in a cow shed and placed the baby in a box where cattle are fed. God didn’t select a palace for He chose to relate with what the poorest of the poor would undergo. Thus it’s no surprise, before the learned rich wise men could find His place, the first visitors He had were the poor shepherds nearby.

Isn’t it wonderful that the Creator who created the earth, stars and the whole universe came in the form of a Creation Himself, stepped on earth, lived as a Carpenter’s Son, moved in the streets of Galilee and lived like any one of us? Yes, He lived life like any one of us! Bible says, He understands our weaknesses, for He faced all the same trials that we go through, yet He did not sin. Though He never sinned, He submitted Himself to the capital punishment of taking all our sins over Him. He once for all carried all our sins on the cross, that we may be redeemed of all our shortcomings. When He rose again on the third day from death, He got victory over death and through Him we have victory over sin and death.

It is still a miracle to see who were once failures in their lives are now super successful in everything they do. Once proud, arrogant and shameful to the society are now humble, loving and making a positive impact in the places where they live. Jesus works in our broken hearts, even if we are the gravest of all the sinners. For it is the sick who needs the Doctor and Jesus came for us, the sinners. Even the stubborn, the obstinate, the rude, the stone-hearted, murderers, adulterers make a complete turn in their lives with Jesus. There is no better magic other than simply whispering the name of Jesus in every dead-end of life and get to see His way for us there.

So now we know that the real Christmas gift is Jesus Himself. What can be a better gift than getting redeemed from all that mess, we are in, by just turning to the greatest of all miracles, named Jesus!

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