The narrow way

Called out by name and for thee chosen,

To show thy life on earth through mine;

Hardened heart has this calling frozen-

Refusing to do the purpose divine.

Blessings bestowed from Thy Hand

Out of abundant love and grace-

Has made me take a different stand,

To hide Thy gentle and radiant face.


No more time have I, for Thee, Lord

Even for a personal communion with Thee!

When I, my things for Thee can’t discard

How then can I, set the captives free?

The stressful target at work comes first,

Days & nights spent for it doesn’t matter.

But the deepest need to quench the thirst,

Is left unsatisfied without the Water.


Laziness hinders, meditating Thy word,

And tiredness, the conversations with Thee.

“No time” is all that I within me heard,

But, I had time for a refreshing tea.

It seemed necessary to take this break-

Few minutes of work, for relaxing, compromised.

Even these few minutes are not spent for Thy sake;

For my earthly work, ’love on Thee’, sacrificed.


Narrow is the way that leads to Thee

I realize I have missed this precious way.

Take my hand Lord and walk with me,

With deepest longing, I earnestly pray.

Wide is the road towards destruction,

And attractive are the things around.

No one can take this narrow way

Unless Thy grace and love surround.


Opportunities and success that Thee have given

As an answer to whatever in prayer, was taken.

Has me today, towards the wider road driven

To leave me witness the union with Thee shaken.

All the earthly gifts that’s showered upon me

In no way should stop the mission planned.

To take the narrow way and to stay on my knee,

I need you Gracious Lord, please take my hand.

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