The precious gift

I found something interesting in the humour column in a leading newspaper written by a person who was high up in the corporate hierarchy during last Diwali. Diwali is an Indian festival, celebrated in richness and grandeur throughout the nation. While he was in the field, he used to get ample amount of luxuries as gifts from people around him from chocolates to precious pieces of diamond jewellery. He and his wife would look upon with disdain at any cheap gift, keeping it aside for re-gifting or charitable purposes. But after his retirement, the first Diwali they celebrated was very disappointing to him. No gifts. No visitors. That day as he picked up the newspaper, he learnt an important lesson from a spiritual column- “People respect and honour your position not your person”.

Thinking on those lines, I realised something. That is precisely what the world has to offer. It respects your wealth, your position, your property, your character and definitely, your looks. Once you step down from your position, people don’t care about who you are. Once you are bankrupt- sans money, sans property- your value descends in the eyes of people. Once you grow old, no one talks about your youthful beauty. Once you are dead, you are buried. People cry over your grave and then, after a while you are nothing but a wisp of memory gone forever.

But there is someone who knows you for who you really are. He is none other than the One who created you, GOD. In the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, God says, “you are sinner and you deserve punishment in hell after you die. You maybe a rich man while you live, but you came with nothing and go back into the dust with nothing. You may do a million works of righteousness and be adored in the eyes of men, but they are nothing but filthy rags to Me. You cannot do anything that will deserve any merit. Because My way of thinking is very different from yours and it’s beyond the comprehension of your finite mind.”

It is indeed sickening to know what your true identity is. But it doesn’t just end there. God loves us even though we are sinners. He loves us enough to step down from His abode in heaven and come down to this little, blue-green-brown-blotched orb called earth, in the form of man like you and me and be known as Jesus Christ, son of a carpenter named Joseph of Nazareth. He chose to die for us saying, “I am dying for all the sins you have committed and those you will commit in future (for I know you will). I’m giving Myself up for the sins of all humanity. You don’t have to bear the burden of it anymore. Believe in Me and be My child. I will give you eternal life. It’s a gift you don’t merit. But I’m your dad. You are precious to Me, made in My image. You don’t have to go to the hell you deserve. If you believe in Me, you will live with Me in heaven forever”

This gift always remains with you. No robber can rob it from you. No circumstances can ever separate you from your Eternal Father or His precious gift. It doesn’t change with time and situations like your Diwali gifts. It is eternal and always yours.

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