The privilege of pain

I was reading a wonderful book called “From the cries of the heart”. It’s on the experiences of people who went through difficult times in their life, how they persevered and overcame those hardships to bring glory to God. It really impacted me a great deal, each life instances that had been shared in that book was so touching and will certainly create a burden in our hearts towards the  people who suffer. It take us all to one question, “What has glory got to do with suffering?”

Recently I received a shocking news that one brother whom I knew well died in an accident,he was the only child in the entire family and they were so devastated by the incident, the pain and grief they went through was unexplainable. They would have surely asked a question on why God allowed this happen to them. A valid question asked by everyone who believes in God.

What is God’s perspective about suffering? Why does God allow suffering in our life? Why we have to live with pain if we have God who is concerned about our well being and goodness? The best way to get answers for these difficult questions is by looking at God’s word.

Bible is the most practical book you can come across for all generations; it talks about the real lives of real people, their happiness, pain, joy and suffering .If you see the people in the Bible who walked so closely with God and did great things through Him, they had to go through hard times too. God never set any special concessions for certain people.

If you take the life of Joseph he had to suffer at every point of his life till God made him the leader, he had to go through all sufferings inclusive of being traded by his own brothers as slave and suffer in prison. Same is the case with David, Moses and any Great men of God – all went through those hardships..

Is God so demanding that the only way for beautiful things to happen is a painful course? It’s not that way. But God wants us to understand that we need his strength every second in our lives so that we will be transformed into a beautiful garden bringing forth joy, comfort and happiness to lot of people around.

How will you know other’s pain and empathize and comfort them if you have never experienced such a thing called pain? God never made humans to fulfill their own needs. He made him so that he will be fruitful to others. Joseph became even more forgiving and considerate to the people around him after those hardships in his life.

Even Jesus had to go through the pain; Just because He is God’s own son, He had to suffer the pain of cross . Thats why the name of Jesus comforted many and still comforts millions of broken hearts, because he went through the same physical, emotional and spiritual pain you and I go through. He lived like a man and underwent all these difficulties for only one reason, to comfort you and give that everlasting joy in our hearts through which His glory is revealed.

So next time when you go through pain thank Him that he gave an opportunity for you to be a source of comfort to others in their suffering. Very difficult indeed but why don’t we try? Jesus says in John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:23. First we should be ready to accept His comfort in our sufferings so that we will be a comfort to a lot of people in their suffering and this is the glory that God wants to reveal through us.

If you have already gone through that suffering and didn’t get this perspective about it till now it’s better you ask God for it or if you are someone who is going through the suffering right now, hold on to these words of Jesus and thank Him for His promise:

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Pain is a privilege for only those who looks at suffering the same way Jesus looked at the cross!!!!

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