The Shepherd

My shepherd locks me in the fold

For each night after dusk

When the sun becomes a scarlet orb

And the sky the shade of husk


I could never enjoy the hillside

In the blackness of the sky

When stars scatter like twinkling jewels

And the moon reigns on high


Again at sundown He called for us

Back to the dreaded fold

All bleated and ran for Him

I did my silence hold


I watched Him from hiding

As He led all back

Merrily they followed Him

Back to the old hay stack


I watched Him feed all

And pet them with His hands warm

I wished and longed to be there

But my freedom held more charm


As He parted for the night

I saw Him count one by one

I saw concern clouding His eyes

“Where has gone, my straying son?”


I heard Him call out my name

With a rich love-lined voice

I had to flee, flee from there

I had made my choice


I ran and ran, heard Him no more

And beheld the beauty serene

Of the dark hills, the lake calm

The moon a parading queen


But the night was so cold

I longed for the fold so warm

I heard the calls of beasts wild

My soul had lost its calm


The fears of darkness engulfed me

I tried to find my way back home

But I was lost, I was afraid

And I was all alone


Storm clouds gathered, rain pelted

Thunders crashed, wild winds blew

I sat crying with a helpless heart

There was nothing I could do


Then I heard my shepherd’s voice

Beheld His raiment in the dark

I was ashamed of what I had done

I stood head hung afar


He ran to me, held me in His arms

And shielded me from the raging storm

And said, “Fear not, my little lamb,

I’ve come to take you home”

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