The third person

Deeply hurt,while a kid, by words unkind

from a stranger passing on the road

I cried to my mom, who came to remind,

“A third person,your precious tears,cant afford”.

I saw the truth and consoled myself,

Yes,he’s just a third person himself.

Whatever he comments I don’t have to care.

He will never my burdens share.


As I grew, disppointments undigestable arose

Of things expected from people around,

I cried to myself and realised they aint my foes,

But just third persons who are not bound-

To give unto me whatever I expect

Or to be genuine with a mutual respect.

I convinced the world was just “you” and “I”

A third person can ne’er understand my cry.


Days passed by,and new acquaintances came,

Perhaps the experiences past weren’t enough.

I took life serious,believed it is not a game,

But this just made things complicatedly tough!

People made promises and forgot in a hurry,

The next day convinced with a simple “Sorry”-

Its just a third person,I realised again,

who is not obliged to bear my pain.


Life changed completely as ne’er before,

When with this third person I met up,

I cannot imagine what I need more,

while everything is overflowing from my cup.

He knew my pain ,before I said,

All healthy fruits to me HE fed.

Busiest day’s tasks or a night’s rest-

He was there to do the best.


He brought joy within my heart,

Loved me and took care of my moves.

He taught me to play well my part,

To fit perfectly into all the grooves.

He is ever beside me, even if I forget-

No one can ever do it, I’ll daringly bet.

The best ‘third person’ in everyone’s vicinity-

Is HE-the ‘Third person in the Trinity’.

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